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Gaia Exhibition & Lectures at Hay Festival
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Events from our Hay Festival series;

The Solar House

Site visit to an experiment in 'One-Planet Living' in Golden Valley -
Solar hot water, photovoltaics, insulation, rainwater harvesting, organic vegetables and a vehicle that runs on recycled chipfat are just some of the green options that host Elaine Brook has been experimenting with for the last 10 years as climate change has gradually moved up the agenda. Come and find out what works - and what doesn't work so well - in an adventure we are all going to share before too long.

How Green is my Money? -
Can eco-friendly lifestyles be more enjoyable and healthy, better quality and actually less expensive than our current planet-guzzling habits? Might some of the enforced cutbacks of the recession be seen in retrospect to be the beginning of something better?
Alastair Sawday looks at 'Go Slow' food & lifestyle movement in Italy, Barbara Haddrill tells tales of her aviation-free journey to Australia, & Elaine Brook explores how businesses themselves are cooperating to develop a radically new enterprise culture.

In addition, there are FREE events daily in the
Gaia Exhibition (Stand 20 -- situated near Sky Arts)

11 am daily - Fair Trade chocolate tasting

Tues 26 May 11 - 11.30 am talk on biogas with Andy Bull, SWEA

Thurs 28 May 11 - 11.30 am
- Low carbon communities in Powys
with Andy Bull from SWEA
Thurs 28 May 2.00 - 2.30 pm --
Q&A with Alastair Sawday, Barbara Haddrill, Elaine Brook

Fri 29 May 12.30 - 1pm - Kicking the Carbon Habit
with Kaye Welfare from SWEA
Fri 29 May 2.00 pm
Q&A with Jeremy Leggett of Solar Century
- expert on Peak Oil

Meet the Farmer events in the Gaia Exhibition
Stories from the Welsh Mountains - Local farmers describe the dreams, disasters, and rewards of forging a living in these wild hills - accompanied by delicious tasters of their products, and outlines of their plans for the future.

Meet the Farmer (1)   
Mick Westrip of Hill Cottage Market Garden describes how his vegetables are reconnecting the local community.

Meet the Farmer (2)
William and Ria Powell describe the challenges of farming Native Welsh Black Cattle at 1000 ft on Middle Genfford Farm and of their involvement with the Talgarth Community Regeneration Project.

Meet the Farmer (3)
Jonathan Rees of Graig Farm Organics talks about the often difficult balance between farming sheep, pigs, and beef cattle, and the need to market this produce to the public.

Speakers 2008;

Sat 31 May 10 am; A Women's Guide to Saving the World -
Karen Eberhardt, Clare Short, and Elaine Brook discuss their contributions to this anthology of essays by over 80 women from all walks of life.

Speakers 2007
Mary Midgley & Elaine Brook
The meaning of Gaia.
Stephan Harding & Brian Goodwin
Gaia and Climate Change.
Peter Harper
Eco Homes of the Future.
Gaia Exhibition & Lectures May/June 2007

Gaia Exhibition & Lectures 2006 - 2010

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