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The Windhorse

In Search of Shambhala Land of the Snow Lion


The Windhorse
Two friends, one blind from
age eight, travel through the
Himalayas discovering
people, places - and hidden
aspects of themselves.
£10 hardback
Full colour photos

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Jonathon Cape
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In Search of Shambhala
Where is paradise? The story of
Shangri-La is based on a much
older legend which leads the author
into some unexepected and
dangerous adventures. On the way
she discovers hidden Buddhist
teachings, hermits and shamans,
and some of the worlds most
beautiful Himalayan scenery.

£12 hardback
Full colour photos

The Land of the Snow Lion
A climbing expedition in Tibet
leads to an exploration of an
ancient culture occupied by
the Chinese military and some
unexpected gems of Buddhist
poetry, tolerance and resistance.
£7 paperback

Black & white photos
Tibet woman with child
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