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2006 lectures

Soil, Soul, Society

3-day National Conference on sustainability
Key speakers:
Sara Parkin (Forum for the future), Richard Douthwaite (FEASTA),
Barry Coates (World Development Movement), Herbert Girardet ( Schumacher society), Francis Blake (Soil Association), Peter Harper (Centre for Alternative Technology),
Satish Kumar (Resurgence), Shauna Crockett-Burrows (Positive News).

This event was so successful Gaia Partnership was then asked to organise:
Soil, Soul, Society 2 -
Building on the work of the first, with new speakers and a more in depth series of small-group workshops
Key speakers:
Jonathon Porritt (UK Sustainable development Commission), Ed Mayo (New Economics Foundation), John Todd & Nancy Jack Todd (Ocean Arks International), Brian Goodwin (Schumacher College), Dr Alan Knight (Kingfisher Group), John Jopling (Sustainable London Trust), Satish Kumar (Resurgence & Schumacher College).
Other events organised by the Gaia Partnership team:
13 July 2002
Public talk by the eminent scientist, Fritjof Capra author of 'Web of Life', 'Hidden Connections', 'Tao of Physics', 'Turning point'.

7 November 2002
Public talk in Hereford by Thom Hartmann
author of ‘Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight’ and 'The Prophets Way'

12 April 2003
Schumacher Lectures in Hereford, Soil, Soul, Society & Health
Satish Kumar (Resurgence and Scumacher College), Helena Norberg-Hodge (Ancient Futures), Dr Sarah Myhill.

27 May - 5 June 2005

Gaia Exhibition at Hay Festival of Literature
2nd June
Gaia Lectures at Festival: Myth, Mind & Media
Herbert Girardet, Alastair Sawday & Lynne McTaggart

26 May - 4 June 2006

Gaia Exhibition & Lectures at Hay Festival
Gaia Lectures
June 2nd 5.30 pm;
Jonathon Porritt; Peak Oil and Climate Change
June 3rd 10 am;
Scilla Elworthy; Hearts and Minds: Feminine wisdom; Tackling Terror & Building Peace.
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