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We've heard a lot about peak oil, climate change, and ecological footprint. What does it mean for us? Is it just someone else's problem?

Clearly it isn't. Soaring fuel prices affect all of us, but people who were aware of the coming oil peak a few years before it became popular news, planned accordingly and are now reaping the benefits ahead of everyone else.

We know that houses, work places, cars, aeroplanes, food and consumer goods all contribute to climate change and other environmental problems. Most of us really like the idea of making positive changes before being coerced by legislation, but it is not always easy to find clear and concise information on the most effective solutions.
This is where we can help.

The good news is, it doesn't mean a life of lentils and hair shirts!
With support, the right information and an optimistic outlook, the transformation can be rewarding, entertaining as well as money-saving.

Take a look at Our Footprint where we have tried this experiment on our own premises.

Contact us to discuss ways we can help you: 0845 458 4718

For the last 7 years we have been working on reducing our own ecological footprint, and also developed a series of innovative projects and studies with several partner organisations:

  • Courses and Events - our education and outreach initiative, hosting weekend courses in association with Schumacher College.

  • Local Greenlinks is an expanding network of local economy projects using local directories as a foundation for supporting sustainable local communities.

  • Author and photographer Elaine Brook is Gaia Partnership's coach - she works with organisations and individuals to facilitate an understanding of their ecological footprint in an accessible and enjoyable way.

  • National conferences, Soil, Soul, Society, organised in partnership with Resurgence. in which 200 business leaders, local government and other interested delegates spent 3 days exchanging ideas with environmental experts Jonathon Porrit (Forum for the Future), John Todd (Ocean Arks International), Peter Harper (CAT), Ed Mayo (New Economics Foundation), Satish Kumar (Resurgence) and many more.

  • Urban Rural Foodlinks. A short study in partnership with the Black Environment Network, exploring the possibilities for Herefordshire farmers to supply specialist foods to the Asian communities in Birmingham.

  • 'Selling Gaia by the Pound'; Educational workshop and discussion forum for the Women's Environment Network.

  • Marketing advice for Ecocabin project in Shropshire, which is now benefiting from 95% occupancy.

  • We've been working on reducing our own ecological footprint over the last 7 years and have a wealth of first-hand experience of what actually works and what doesn't!
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